Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My aunt is moving which means my boss is moving - I am going to take her place and one of the guys that works with me is going to take my spot. I'll probably get about 150 more a week which is cool. But its quite a bit more work than I had.
I feel like a total sell out. I swore my whole life I wouldn't end up working a desk job for ever. It was ok when I wasn't going to be the boss lady - but I am starting to feel like I have cement blocks tied to my ankles and I'm dangling over the edge of a bridge - and my doom is just down at the bottom of the river waiting - conformity here I come - SPLASH!
You can tell I love my daughter and husband - because if I didn't I would be totally nomadic by now - roaming the country maybe even the world - always meeting new people - working all kinds of unimportant jobs - until I got bored - then moving on. That's the life my soul yearns for. Then its quieted by a kiss and an I love you from a beautifully scrawny little blonde, who is no less than everything I love in this world. She keeps me anchored to reality, and highlights all the good things about living a life of conformist sensibilities. My grey, cubic, working girl world is colored by her laughter, and I can't help but laugh along as I sink.


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