Saturday, September 10, 2005


I went with my hubby last night to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Its was pretty good, and it really got me thinking. Mainly about my beliefs. I realized strangely enough that I believe it all. I could be a Buddhist, a catholic, a Wiccian, or any other religion you could think of. I guess it is because in my opinion nothing is really impossible. To me any of them could be true. I guess what I really believe is there is good and evil in this world, and I don't really believe in organized religion. One thing I feel is without a doubt is that people can be possessed, by whatever name they give to evil. There are just too many cases, any too many legends that involve people being inhabited by evil spirits. So I can't dismiss it. Although I wish I could. I spent the whole night unable to sleep waiting for 3 am to come. Just knowing something terrible was going to happen. However it didn't.
The movie did remind me of an experience I had as a young girl. I was reading a book about the Amityville horror. I was up until very late, and when I went to sleep I just put the book on my night stand. As I started to close my eyes I felt something in the room with me. Then all of the sudden there was a huge weight on me, like someone was laying on top of me. I couldn't yell out for help, and I couldn't move. I just kept repeating in my head for the lord to rescue me, and to deliver me from this. All of the sudden it was gone - and I was thrown out of the bed. I say thrown, but it was really that I had been fighting so hard against the pressure, when it left, I threw myself out of bed. Then I was able to yell for my mother. This movie was the first time I had ever seen it portrayed in the same way. Which sacred the hell out of me. Well I'm not sure why I shared that, but there it is.


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