Monday, September 12, 2005

New and Original

Ok - so I love artistic people. Some people might even refer to me as an artistic person. But with that said I can't stand the people who just act like they are artistic. Or act like they are Original in some way. Like plugs, for example. I have an "artistic" friend that got plugs several years ago. Then of coarse more people got them. I even got a set of plugs. I had wanted them for a long time I just didn't have the extra money. So after he had his for years he just took them out. When asked why he said it was because they got too popular and now it wasn't original enough for him. Now to me that is a crazy thought. I put enough thought into the modifications I have done to my body that I will probably never take them out. I have had my tongue ring going on 9 years now. I also have a Monroe piercing that I love. I wouldn't trade those in no matter how many people got them. I guess that just really bothers me. I feel like he only got the plugs because no one had them. Not because he really liked them. So now I feel like he does that about everything. I think it is crazy that even though he would say he doesn't care what other people think he cares more than he knows. He lets his whole look, even what he listens to be shaped by what other people think and how many other people like what he likes. That is just crazy to me. Like if he fell in love with a blue base ball cap he would wear it until he saw other people wearing it. Not me if I like it enough to buy it I will have it and wear it for a long long time. Sadly I find more and more people like this.


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