Monday, September 12, 2005

Over and Over and Over

How can my daughter watch a movie a thousand times? A thousand times in a row for that matter. Is it really that entertaining? Does she find something new in the movie every time? Or are all children just completely obsessive freaks? They must be because I know almost all children do it. I did it too. Not quite as bad as she does. Now there are DVD players, and the process can begin again instantly. Before DVDs in the VCR age, while dinos were still roaming the earth, we had to wait for the stupid movie to rewind. Surely enough after watching it like the second time - I was no longer willing to wait for it to rewind, and would run off and play. Not my daughter. She hits the menu button as soon as the credits start to roll. Amazingly she can't read yet but she can always find the scene selection, and start the movie over. How? I have no idea.

That brings up another point. Like I said my daughter can't read. Product placement is no mystery. I know if she sees the campbels logo and hears me call that logo by the name campbels enough she can then recognize the logo. I get that. What I want to know is how does she still know what it says when it is written in a totally different font? I mean like the word won't look the same at all, and somehow she still knows what it says. It freaks me out, and I love it at the same time.


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