Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ripping my hair out

I went to a party for one of my daughter's friends. At the party I decided I don't like children. Well, to be more clear I don't like other parents. Parents seem to play a game with their children, the object of the game is to totally ignore their kids. One of the ladies at the park where the party happened was a champ. I hate parents like that. I am by no means the best mother in the world, and my daughter is far from perfect. One thing that is different about me and a few other parents I know is that I(we) try. I am always keeping am eye on my daughter - not to be mistaken for hovering - and make sure she is behaving. One thing I am always doing is making sure she isn't being rude to other adults or kids. Unlike the mom at the party. This is what happened: the party was at a park and my friend who was throwing the party for her daughter let one of our other friends bring her new pitbull puppy. A very sweet puppy that was wonderful with the kids. So we are just sitting there and the dog is laying in the grass in front of us, trying to cool off. Then this girl comes up and starts taunting the dog by running up to it barking and then quickly running backwards still barking. After a minute or two of a parent not asking her to stop, I do. I go up to the girl, and with as much sweetness as I can muster, very nicely ask her to stop teasing the dog because we don't want it to bite her. The girl was more than old enough to understand what I was saying. She seems to listen, and for a few moments the dog is left in peace. Then she starts running around the dog, and every time she gets in front of it she takes off, clearly trying to get it to chase her. So I ask her again. With a tad more harshness in my voice. Still she ignores the advice. So finally, after she makes one of the sweetest puppies I have met start growling at her, I decide it is time to find the mother. I could have hit the mom. She was all the way on the other side of the park, with her back turned away from her daughter, chit chatting with some guy. So irritating! I could not contain my anger, and rattled off how she should probably try watching her daughter, not make us deal with her, and if she was going to make other people deal with her that she should teach her to listen to other adults, and not be cruel to animals. That her daughter was about to get bit by a dog that normally doesn't bite, and it would be her own fault, because there were at least 25 adults who saw me asking her 9 or 10 yr old not to make the dog bite her. I just couldn't stand it. I mean why even go if you aren't going to watch them. Just drop them off, and save yourself some trouble. Still angry about it, can you tell?


Anonymous Theresa said...

You go girl! Parents like that are the worst. If her daughter had been bitten, she probably would have sued the poor owner of the dog. And BTW, where was the dogs mommy? There's no way I'd let some little kid taunt my puppy.

9:29 AM  

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